Protect Whatsapp Account With Simple Settings-Secure Whatsapp ID-Free Apk Site

How To Protect Your Whatsapp:

Today, a very sensitive type of issue is a matter of concern bring for you if you want your Whatsapp will not be hacked and no one can hack your Whatsapp, then today we will tell you about Whatsapp secret settings after doing those settings your Whatsapp Will be completely safe. This is a matter of sensitive innovation that we can enter into the tension because such incidents have come in Pakistan when many Whatsapp accounts are hacked and very series type blackmailing was done. Actually, it is that many who are criminal mind people hack Whatsapp account, they restore your old and new data and information. You've got to chat with someone or send videos or pictures to anyone, they get all of this information.

Protect Whatsapp Account With Simple Settings-Secure Whatsapp ID-Free Apk Site

When they have all the sensitive types of information, then they start blackmailing you. That's why it is important that you save your Whatsapp from being hacked so that you have not come to a bad case.

To safeguard your Whatsapp account, you can take some precautions to prevent yourself and your loved ones from hacking. If you make these settings in your Whatsapp account than any power of the world will not be able to hack your Whatsapp account. And this setting is just a minute work. So let's see which setting is that we can make our Whatsapp account completely secure so that no one can harm us.

Whatsapp Secret Settings:

First, open your Whatsapp android app in your mobile then simply click on the three dots given top right corner on the Whatsapp app as shown in the screenshot below and then click on the settings as shown in the screenshot.

After clicking on the setting option then click on the account and you need to choose two-step verification and enable the two-step verification by clicking on the enable button as shown in screenshots given below. when you will enable two-step verification then enter any 6 digits your pin this pin will prove to be secure your Whatsapp, then confirm your 6 digits pin in next step.then the next important step is to enter your email address, this is very necessary because if you forget your 6 digits pin then you will be able to restore your pin by your email id. So enter your personal email id here so no one can hack or restore your id or your pin. Then confirm your email id and on the last click on the done button. Now your save from any type of hacking. Use your WhatsApp with your enjoyment. See Screenshots below



Winzo Gold Apk Free Download-Make Money With Android App-Free Apk Site

Money Making Android App 2019:

In today's era, everyone wants to make money in some way and want to get hope as soon as possible. Many people are conscious that they sit at home and do some work so that they can earn money sitting at home. Some people want to earn money through the internet, but they do not know the exact way, because they fail to work. Some people want to earn on their mobile and if you want to earn money on your mobile phone sitting at home then In this article you have a way that you can earn money on your mobile by sitting at home. Just you have to install an app on your mobile phone. This mobile app will really helpful for you to make some money on your mobile. Just follow these instructions then you will be able to make or earn money. Basically, this is a money making an android app for Indian peoples. If you are from India then this app is only and only for you to make or generate extra money then others. So let's start it complete information about this amazing android earns money app.

Winzo Is Best Earning App in 2019

Winzo Android App:

Winzo android app is especially for Indian peoples where they can work and make money on their Android phones daily. This is a real earning android app which pays you via paytm account. Here you can make money daily in many ways. Here all the tasks are very easy. For using this app first you need to be a signup for this app. This is a real and trusted an android app to earn money. Here you earn much money by playing games. Basically, Winzo app pays you for playing games. You can earn money by playing lots of games. Here you will get lots of games, you will not be able to get it just before you should invest only one Indian rupee. If you share this app and an app installs, you will get 5 rupees. In addition, there are other steps in this app that you can earn money. Check The Winzo Android App For More Money. Download this app from the given link below

Features Of Winzo Android App:

  • Bigger Prize Money
  • Stay Updated
  • Prize Pool
  • Earn With Playing Games
  • Play And Win
  • Simple And Easy Interface
  • Easy To Use
  • Paytm Payout
  • Real And Trusted
  • Latest Version

How To Download Winzo App:

Click on the given download link below then enter your mobile number and click on Download button then install this App and make money with playing games and some other ways. Win extra money with simply quiz and watching ads etc. For more information check screenshots below.

Top 5 Websites Which Have Royalty Free Images Collections-Free Images No Copyright

Top 5 Websites Of Royalty free Images:

download non copy righted free images

In this article we will talk about top 5 websites which provide copyrighted free png images in full hd quality freely with transparent background. Here you can download every type of png images and you are free to use these png images in your project of any type. These website provide you non copyrighted images with transparent background in HD quality completely free. Here first time use you should be sign up with your Gmail id then you will be free to download png images for your personal use.

These 5 websites are best and very popular than other png images providing websites available on internet in the whole world. If you are a you tuber , freelancer ,blogger  and you want images for your projects then you should must use these 5 most amazing png images providing websites. Here you can download every type of png images category wise with only simple log in on these websites.

1. kisspng:

Kisspng is also very popular website for png images with transparent background download. These images are non copyrighted. This website allows everyone to use its images completely free without any copyright issue or matter.  Here you can download every type of png images by easily search on search bar at the top the kisspng website. Here you can download images in many different coloures and formats. Here are unlimited png images collections are available for free use. For download png images from ths website simple click on the image and download button. Here you can also upload your created images on kisspng website. Here you can download unlimited non copyrighted images with transparent background daily and use them completely free on your projects everywhere. 

2. stickpng:     


Stickpng is same as pngtree website. Here you can download images in limit. You can download png images only five per day. On this website yoy are free to download or upload png images in high-quality and high resolution. Here you can download free png pictures and images with white or no background. You can use these images in your personal projects . You can also share these images as a cool stickers on tumbler and messagings apps or anywhere without any limit or issue.

3. freepngimage:

Freepngimage is top level website which provides best non copyrighted wallpapers and images in full HD quality and high resolution with transparent background completely free without any limit or cost daily. This website also allows you and everyone to use its all image completely free in every project of world without copyright claim or strike. If you need free png images for your any project free of cost then you must use this website for download free images. Here many categories are given for to search your images easily and here you can also download latest and most usable pictures and images with transparent background. This website have unlimited collection and addition of copyrighted free images for free download.

4. pngmart:      

Pngmart is very famous website for graphic designers. This website have unlimited images of celebrities without any background. Here you can download and explore your favorite celebrity’s latest high-quality png images and photos for your commercial and personal use with transparent background in the format of png.          Here you can download latest transparent photos, pics, pictures and wallpapers in different size beautiful style and different resolutions with various tags. Here all images are available in 100% png transparent with white background for completely free download and use. You should use this website if you want free png images.

5. Pngtree: is one of the best transparent background images providing website. Here you can download millions of free graphic resources in the format of png which allows you to use png images in your every project completely free without any copyright issue. Here daily new data uploaded for everyone. Here every type of images are available with transparent background in full Hd quality and high resolution. Here you can download daily five images with simple log in. Here images are available category wise which are easy to searchable. Here all type of images are available for commercial and personal use.

How To Download Movies For Free Online On Android-Top 3 Download Movies App

Free Movie Apps For Android:

In today's article, we are going to share three of the apps that can help you download all kinds of movies. Everyone enjoys watching these movies. But everybody likes to download movies easily. There is a lot of different websites on the Internet to download the movies but they get difficulty on time, and if they meet, they are difficult to download.But everybody wants them to get for free but they do not find a solution to where to download the movies. If you are having difficulty downloading the movie, then in this article,There is a solution to this problem. As we all know that apart from websites on the Internet, there are many apps available for mobile, which are used by different ways. In case you have three such apps I'll tell you where you can easily download all types of movies easily on your mobile and you will not be able to download this app. Many helpers were proven. If you're interested in watching movies, install one of these apps in your mobile and enjoy free movies.So let's see which three apps are from where to download movies for free.

Download New Released Movies On Android
Download New Released Movies On Android

1. Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is the best app for downloading the movie. Through this app, all the world's movies can be watched and downloaded on mobile freely. You can download a movie for downloading a movie. You do not need to go because Cartoon HD will get the latest mobile app on every type of movie you can get on this app. You can download all types of movies, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, and showcased TV shows and cartoons on this app. The cartoon HD app can download all the videos with full resolution. The interface of this mobile app is simple and has direct download of this download. Cartoon HD can download all the movies through one click on the mobile app.

2. TeaTv

On this android Movies can also be downloaded  TV shows, Dramas as well. This is a great and useful app to download movies. The special thing is that every Quality Movies and Videos are easy to download from here. One click can download it. There are HD resolutions and high quality can download this app from given link below.

3. FilmyFy

Filmyfy is also the best and auspicious mobile app to download movies. This app is required to signup in this app to use it. If you are in LOG IN with your ID, you can download movies and videos. But there is a mobile app where you can download movies to high can download this amazing android app from the given link below.


These all three apps are best for movies downloading in ful hd quality 1080p or 720p.Here you can download every type of movies or TV serials or Shows. With the help these android apps every can download everytype of movies like Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Lollywood movies, South Indian movies, Indian Punjabi movies, Hindi dubbed movies, Dual audio movies, Pakistani movies, Paksitani Punjabi movies, Pakistani urdu movies, Indian Tamil movies and many more movies TV shows with full high resolution in full hd quality on your android phone at your home without any cost.

Top 5 Amazing Hidden Secret Tricks Of Play Store-You Should Know In 2019

Top 5 Hidden Features Of Play store:

Today's article consists of a very special title. Now I have been present with play store's five secret settings that are very important. Knowing these secret settings is very important for you. The play store will be very easy to use through these hidden settings. These secret settings do not know many of you. It is very important for every user in the store to know about these secret settings. Today which person does not know the importance of the play store. It is easy to use. The daily play store has to be used from its million's of users. It is important to know all the secrets of the Play Store. So let's start for all of these 5 secret tricks of google play store.

1. Find Best Apps:

The number one settings we have set for you is a very important setting. If you want to find out that what are the best and amazing android apps from Play Store because there are more than 50 million apps in the Play Store and you can not check all these apps by installing them one by one. But You can find the best store play apps through that setting which I am going to tell you. Just Follow this instruction. The process is very simple whenever you want to find best and easy to use android apps just click on the Editor's choice option given top on the play store app as shown in the screenshot.

2. Turn Off Auto Updates:

The second number of hidden settings we've set is a very important setting. Do you know that when you install an app from the Play Store, it updates automatically, which used so much mobile's internet data? Because of data losing many people are often upset, but they do not get the solution to this problem. But the solution to this problem is very simple and easy just follow this instruction to get rid of this problem. First, open the play store app in your android phone then click on the three dots given above in-app and then click on the settings option as shown in screenshots.  

After doing that you need to click on auto-update apps after clicking that option chose the don't auto-update apps option and save it by clicking on the don button as shown in screenshots given below and above.

3.Clear Search History On Play Store:

The third number we have given to the hidden settings is also a very important setting. Do you know that when you install an app from the Play Store or search, your search history is stored there and you want that People do not see your search history but you do not know how to clear the search history from the play store? You can easily clear your search history from google play store. So follow the instruction and also see for more help screenshots are given below.
First, open the play store app in your android phone then click on the three dots given above left corner in the app and then click on the settings option and then chose the option clear local search history. Now your search history from the play store is clean and clear.


4. Save Apps In Wishlist For Installation Later:

The secret segments that we have a place in the fourth number are also very important settings. As you know that if the memory of the mobile is not empty, no apps are installed from the Play Store, but the mobile memory is not empty. You can also save the app in the Play Store and install this app at any time later. You can install these at any time when you free up your mobile's space or when you have more mobile internet data to install these apps from play store. This is called to be a wishlist. When you want to save your app into a wishlist for later installation simply click on the three dots given front of that app and chose to add to wishlist for more help please see screenshots below.

5. Auto Update Play Store:

Friends if you want that your mobile's play store always working well then it is needed that the play store should be always updated. You can update your play store by seeing instruction given in screenshots. After settings chose option play store version.Thanks

Top 5 Most Dangerous & Harmful Android Apps-Delete These Apps

Most Harmful Android Apps:

Today, I have come here with five such android apps that are very dangerous and harmful for your android mobile phone.These Android apps are unsafe for you.These mobile apps are harming your mobile in some way. These mobile apps can hang up your mobile phones. These mobile apps can steal your specific data. This mobile app can bring viruses to your mobile phone. These mobile apps can be debarrassed by your mobile phones. These mobile apps can always ruin your mobile phones. These mobile apps are very harmful to your mobile. This mobile app gives your personal information to anyone others.These mobile apps can deteriorate your mobile battery. If these mobile apps are installed in your mobile phone, your data is not safe in any way. These mobile apps make your mobile very slow. Please delete these harmful android apps from your phone if you want your mobile's safety. So lets start these 5 most dangerous and harmful android apps.

1.UC Browser Android App:

As I & you know that UC Browser Android App is very popular android app and this app have great ratings on google play store and above 200 million downloads but this android app is very harmful for android phone. This mobile app plays willain's role in an android phone.This android app can leak your personal data.This mobile app can prove to be dangerous for any mobile. If you want to keep your data safe and stored, then delete the UC Browser Android App from your mobile phone for forever.This is a scaming android app.This mobile android app can slow up your android phone.

2. Clean Master:

Clean Master - Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner android app can slow up your mobile's over all performance and maintenance. This is fake performance optimizer android app.This mobile app is very harmful to your mobile battery timing. This mobile app causes your mobile battery to be damaged quickly. This android app delete your important android apps installed in your mobile's ram that can very unsafe for you. This mobile app plays an important role in warming & heat up your mobile phone. Delete this android app from your phone quickly if you want your battery's timing and life safe and long.

3. DU Battery Saver:

This is very dangerous and harmful for any android phone and it's battery. This android app decreased your mobile's battery timing and life very quickly. This android app make your mobile's performance very slow. DU Battery Saver - Battery Charger & Battery Life Android App can be caused to be leaking of  your privacy online. This can leak your personal data online like your browser history etc.This app have so many ads.So delete this android app from your phone quickly so you can be save your data and mobile's battery timing.

4. Free VPN Android Apps:

All free vpn providing android apps are very harmful and dangerous for your mobile phone. All vpn apps have so many ads which make any body so upset while using these vpn android apps. These apps consumed your so many internet data. And these apps cause the heat up and slowing your android phone overall. These apps also caused to be leaking of your privacy online. These apps can sale your private data to any server on internet anytime. So be aware of all vpn providing android apps so you can be saved online. So delete vpn android app if you use in your phone because its matter of your and our privacy.Do not use any vpn android app.

5. Antivirus Android Apps:

All Android Antivirus apps are very unsafe for any of us.All these apps can be very dangerous for us and our mobile phone. These apps are not to be needed for our phones. These apps caused to be leaking of your privacy online. These apps also caused to be slowing and heatup of our android phones. These app make your mobile's battery timing very low and can be caused as a damaged of mobile's battery.So please delete or uninstall every antivirus app from your phone if you use any of antivirus android app.

Touch Lock-Toddler Video | Best Screen Lock Android App | Lock Your Touch Screen

Best Sreen Lock Android App

As you know that is a site and platform where you can find best android apps & best android games with apk files and download them completely free. If you want best screen lock app for your android phone then Touch Lock-Toddler Video is best screen lock android app for you and your android phone. With the help of Touch Lock-Toddler Video android app you can easily disable or enable your touch pad screen. When you lock your android phone with Touch Lock-Toddler Video android lockthen the screen of your android phone will not be able to work. Your android’s screen will be completely disabled and will not work with any effortsfrom others.

Touch Lock-Toodler Video-Screen Lock
Touch Lock-Toodler Video-Screen Lock 

Touch Lock-Toddler Video:

whenever you want to lock your mobile's screen while watching a video or anything else so that no body can disturb your screen to stop your video then this screen lock is best for you and your phone. If you want that video will be play without stoping while anybody touch your screen then Touch Lock-Toddler Video screen lock is best choice for you to watch video without stop when you lock your mobile's screen. When your children watching videos of cartoon or else if someone touch your screen then video will be stop but in case if you installed Touch Lock-Toddler Video android app in your phone and while watching video you lock your mobile's screen then no body can not stop your playing video with touching your mobile's screen. Its use is very easy when you lock your screen then you can easily unlock your screen by double tap on your mobile's screen with your finger.


  • Easy To Use
  • Playing Video Without Any Disturbance
  • Use Any Apps Without Unlock Mobile's Screen
  • Top Ratings On Google Play Store
  • Free To Use
  • Disable And Enable Screen While Watching Video
  • Lock The Screen Display
  • Keeps Screen On
  • Calls Protected
  • Preventing Face Touchng
  • Preventing Ignore Calls
  • Preventing Hangs Up Calls
  • Three Different Unlock Methods
  • Save And Stable Calls
  • Easy Soft Key Locks

How To Download Touch Lock-Toddler Video:

The download of Touch Lock-Toddler Video android app is very easy just open play store into your android phone then search Touch Lock-Toddler Video & Install it but you can also download this amazing best screen lock android app by clicking on the link given below.

Amazing Wallpaper & Screen Lock Android App 2019-Free Apk Site

Best Screen Lock And Wallpaper App 2019

Today I have been present with a great mobile app for you.This mobile app will help you make your mobile very beautiful. This app automatically displays and replaces thousands of highly voluminous wallpapers on your mobile screen lock that make the mobile phone very beautiful. When you press the lock button on your mobile phone. Each mobile phone will show you a beautiful wallpaper in front of you, and if your friend sees this feature of your mobile, your mobile will be able to be appreciated.

This is an app for friends to watch their mobile screen again and again, but this app is very amazing for the friends. If you want your mobile to look beautiful and cute in front of everyone, You can not have more apps than you can.

After installing this app, you will see a screen when you open it, where you will have to select a category and when you attach a lock to your mobile, this app is on your mobile phone. The wallpapers of the same category will be installed and changed.The name of this amazing android wallpapers and lock screen app is Discover-HD Wallpaper Lock Screen.This amazing android app is developed by Developer.

Amazing Wallpaper & Screen Lock Android App 2019
Amazing Wallpaper & Screen Lock Android App 2019

Discover-HD Wallpaper Lock Screen Android App:

This app have 4.6 ratings on google play store which is amazing for wallpapers app.This app have very cool and beautiful images and photos for screen lock for making any of android phone very beautiful & amazing.When you swipe your mobile's screen after locked then this app will changed beautiful,cool and amazing your interest based wallpapers continuously on your screen which makes your mobile very beautiful & cool.


  • Thousand Of Cool Images
  • Easy To Use
  • Beautiful Screen Lock 
  • Make Mobile's Lock Screen Beautiful
  • Free To Use
  • HD Images
  • Interest Based Wallpapers
  • Source Of every Images
  • Find Out Beautiful Photos
  • Discover Trending Images
  • Best Images For Use
  • Downloadable Images & Wallpapers
  • Available On Play Store
  • Approved By Google

How To Downlaod Discover-HD Wallpaper Lock Screen:

You can download this beautiful and amazing android app from google play store by search or you can also download this amazing android app by clicking on the given link below.

Top 5 Magical Secret Codes For Android-Latest Hidden Mobile Codes Collection-freeapksite

Magical Secret Codes For Phones:

As you know that is a best sitefor download free android apps and android games.Here you can find everytype of Android App & Android game easily and free.So now this article show you best and hidden secret codes for your phone that codes will change your speed and style of using phone.These magical secret codeswill unlock best hidden features of your android phone that you should know. If you use these amazing secret codesin your phone you can get more benefits and that codes will helpfulfor you & your phone.You can get better information about your phone with the help of these secret codes.

Top 5 Best Secret Codes For Android 2019
Top 5 Best Secret Codes For Android 2019

With the help of these secre codes you can checkthat which one is trying to hack or track your phone,you can check the life of your phone and mobile’s battery,you can get complete information about usage of your phone and battery,you can call to your friends without showing your number,you can check imei code and much more.So let’s start it

1.  *#*#4636#*#*

This is amazing secret code for you to check complete information about phone.With the help of this code you can check complete detail about your mobile’s sims for example: Imei number,sim number,current network,signal strenth,voice service,data service,data network type,voice call status,roamingand much more.This secret mobile codewill tell you complete information about your mobile’s batteryfor example: battery status,power plug,battery level,battery scale,battery health,battery voltage,battery temperature,battery technology and time since boot.This code will tell you about your phone’s usage statisticsand information about your wifi connection.

2.  *#21#

This code is very usefulfor everyone.After type this code in your phone’s dialer you need to pressok then this secret code will show you information that someone forwardyour call or not.This code inform you about your mobile’s forwarding detail for example: callforwarding voice,data forward,fax forwarding,sms forwarding,syncforwarding,packet forwarding,padforwarding etc.*#21# code is a complete solutionof your phone to get information about your data forwarding or hacking.

3. ##02#

If you came to know that someone is forwardingyour calls,sms,data or anything else and you want to stop your forwarding detailthen this code will very useful for you to stop your call or sms forwarding.This secret code is work properlyto stop someone’s mobile call,sms or data forwarding. ##02# code is a complete solution of your quastionthat how to stop call or sms forwarding in mobile phone.

4. 31#

If you want to call anyone without showning your mobile number then this secret mobile code is best for you. 31# code is specially for making outgoing calls without showing mobile number.So we may say that 31# code is a best source code to callanyone without showing my mobilenumber.

5. *#06#

If you want to see your imei codeonly then this secrect code is best for checking imei code. *#06# secret code is best code to get complete detailabout mobile’s imei codes.

We hope that these secret mobile codes will be helpful for you.We think that everyone should know about these hidden mobile codes so that they will be ableto solve smart problems of their mobile phone.